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Will Her Family Ties Survive Her Family's Lies? (3 Minutes with the Author)

You know that dust covered box shoved in the back of your parents' attic? Would you dare to open it? Would you be prepared for what you might find inside?

When photojournalist Rose Webster goes poking around in her mother's attic and stumbles across a dust covered box, she does dare to open it. And she is not prepared for what she finds inside.

Award winning author Jacqueline Boulden masterfully combines family drama and mystery in her new novel, the aptly titled Family Ties Family Lies, as she leads us on Rose's journey to discover the truth, and, ultimately, to learn whether her family ties will survive her family's lies.

Join Jacqueline and I for our quick chat about her latest release. (And bonus points if you can identify the awards on her bookshelf!). WATCH NOW.

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