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The Recipient

It’s taken Kacie Nolan more than five years to piece her life back together after a tragic accident. Now, as the mayor of Sycamore Ridge and the owner of her own business, Kacie is content with the life she’s created for herself. Until the mysterious arrival of a new resident throws her future into turmoil.

Jett Vanders is desperate to escape the limelight. The pressures of an international concert tour and the looming threat from a celebrity stalker are taking a toll on his already fragile health. His secretive arrival in Sycamore Ridge leads to an unexpected encounter with Kacie and sets them on a path from which neither can turn back. 

When Jett’s obsessed stalker sets her daring plan into motion, she puts both his and Kacie’s lives in danger and exposes a shocking revelation, forcing Kacie to decide whether she’s willing to let go of the past and risk everything for the future.

The Summer Breeze Series

The Summer Breeze Bed & Breakfast - 11a - Final eBook Cover.jpg

The Summer Breeze Bed & Breakfast (Book 1)

Callie Williams is in desperate need of a fresh start. A surprise visit from her sister will set her on an unexpected course. But will leaving big city success for small town living bring her happiness or heartache?

Navigating the complexities of small town life, Callie undertakes a daunting home renovation, makes new friends, and eats more than her fair share of delicious food...all while trying not to meddle in the lives of others. The only thing hindering her search for happiness is the attraction she feels for Nick, a rough-around-the-edges construction worker who is determined to get under Callie’s skin. ​​

A late-night delivery will tear them apart, but a quintessential nor'easter snowstorm might just force them back together....

Notebook and Pen

Currently Editing....

The Summer Breeze (Book 2, Coming Soon)

Has Callie found the happily ever after she was seeking or will misfortune strike? 

Catch up with all your favorite characters from The Summer Breeze Bed and Breakfast in Book #2 of this heartwarming series! Join Callie as she continues her unsuccessful attempts to not meddle in her guest's lives, eats even more mouthwatering food, and tries to keep her head on straight when Nick is around.

Guests and the seasons will keep changing, but your favorite characters will all be back!

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