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A Play on Words (3 Minutes with Author Peggy Joque Williams)

I had the distinct honor of interviewing historical fiction author Peggy Joque Williams for this week's episode of 3 Minutes with the Author. We had a chance to chat about her new release COURTING THE SUN: A NOVEL OF VERSAILLES and the research that went into writing an accurate depiction of life in the royal court of King Louis XIV. I admit that I was a little slow on the uptake during my interview, and it wasn't until the wee hours of this morning that I realized what a perfect play on words the title was! Have you picked up on it?

Join Peggy and I as we talk about her love for research, reader feedback, and what she's working on next. WATCH NOW.


France, 1670. On her sixteenth birthday, Sylvienne d’Aubert thinks her dream has come true. She holds in her hands an invitation from King Louis XIV to attend his royal court. However, her mother harbors a longtime secret she's kept from both her daughter and the monarch, a secret that could upend Sylvienne’s life.

In Paris, Sylvienne is quickly swept up in the romance, opulence, and excitement of royal life. Assigned to serve King Louis's favorite mistress, she is absorbed into the monarch's most intimate circle. But the naïve country girl soon finds herself ill-prepared for the world of intrigue, illicit affairs, and power-mongering that takes place behind the shiny façade of Versailles.

This debut historical novel from Peggy Joque Williams captures the vibrancy and quandaries of 17th century life for a village girl seeking love and excitement during the dangerous reign of the Sun King.

 Up next, my interview with adult dark fantasy novelist T. L. Brown.


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