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No Doubt About It (3 Minutes with Author Marion McNabb)

If you're looking for a great summer vacation read, there's no doubt that you need to pick up SOME DOUBT ABOUT IT

by award-winning screenwriter and debut novelist Marion McNabb, my guest on this week's episode of 3 Minutes with the Author. Join us as we talk about writing your environment, being your own boss, and the hidden gems on NetGalley. WATCH NOW.


In this fun, feisty romp, a celebrity life coach collides with her former mentor as both women struggle with the choices they’ve made, the lives they have now, and the legacy they’ll leave behind.

Caroline Beckett is living the dream. A self-help guru with a glamorous clientele and a marriage to a handsome photographer, she’s proof women really can have it all. But one night leaves Caroline reeling, forcing her to reconsider everything she thought she knew about her life—and what (if any) business she has teaching anyone how to live theirs.

Retired professor Devorah van Buren is spending her time getting herself and her Chihuahua, Mary Magdalene, kicked out of local restaurants for causing scenes with tourists. When she learns about Caroline’s rise to success and the personal scandal that’s followed, Devorah has a new purpose: sue her former student for stealing the ideas that made Caroline famous.

Back in her hometown to handle this new problem, Caroline is surprised to find reconnections with not only Devorah but her high school sweetheart too. After the way her life fell apart, Caroline is beginning to wonder if, with Devorah’s help, maybe she can build something better.

 Up next, my interview with historical fiction author Peggy Joque Williams.


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