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The Joy of Quiet Time to Reflect (3 Minutes with Author Elizabeth Solazzo)

My guest on this week's episode of 3 Minutes with the Author is Elizabeth Solazzo, essayist, memoirist, and, most recently, novelist. We sat down for a lovely chat about her Clinch Mountain Series which started with Elizabeth's desire to create a tribute to a grandmother she never knew but whose choices were life changing for her future generations. While she started out with some facts, Elizabeth found that the longer she wrote, the more fictitious the stories became. MOUNTAIN MELODIES (book 1) and MOUNTAIN MERCIES (book 2) are now available. Book 3, MOUNTAIN MIRACLES is coming soon!

Join Elizabeth and I as we talk about her writing process, her favorite thing about being an author, and how sometimes, we put the cart (the title) before the horse (a miracle). WATCH NOW.


Dr. Katie Cook is beginning her medical practice in a small town at the base of Clinch Mountain, TN, at the turn of the twenty-first century. She is healing from a past relationship while carving out an independent life for herself in these starkly beautiful but fragile mountains. She is befriended by Lovey Lephew, a strong woman about to celebrate 100 years of wisdom gained from a life of unimaginable stories and lessons learned from the dark hollows of this lonely Appalachian mountain. As the women band together to protect their homes from a gang of drug dealers using the forested land for cover, they learn long buried secrets from one another that will change both their lives.

 Up next, my interview with composer and author Kathleen Basi!


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