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Writing with an English Accent (3 Minutes with Author Gabi Coatsworth)

Would you take dating advice from the ghost of your deceased husband? That's the question the main character in A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO STARTING OVER must answer for herself. In this week's episode of 3 Minutes with the Author, I had a lovely chat with award-winning British-born writer and blogger Gabi Coatsworth about her writing process, what makes her humour quirkier than most, and how she handles unexpected ghosts popping into her plot lines.

On a side note, I'm a lover of all accents, and I often find myself inadvertently

attempting to emulate them. I was just a tad bit worried I'd inadvertently slip into my very bad British accent while chatting with Gabi! WATCH NOW.


It's time for widow Molly Stevenson to stand on her own two feet. With blind dates, a needy ghost, and her small‑town bookstore in trouble, she's going to need all her inner strength to prevent another unhappy ending.

Forty‑something Molly can't bear to remove her wedding band. Still grieving the death of her beloved husband, the last thing she needs is her sleazy landlord raising the rent to drive her bookshop out of business. Now, this mild‑mannered indie bookstore owner must find the inner strength to turn the page to a brand‑new chapter.

So she's relieved when the ghost of her husband arrives claiming he's there to help. But is he?

With a little nudge from beyond the grave, Molly hatches a plan to revitalize her boutique and keep the doors open. But with everyone, including her spectral spouse, insisting she start dating again, Molly isn't sure what's worse-the dates she meets online or the love of her life trying to find her a new man-who's not quite as good as him. How will she find the courage to fight for herself?

 Up next, my interview with screenwriter and debut novelist Marion McNabb.


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