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Thanks for stopping by! If you enjoy heartwarming women's fiction with a little romance, you've come to the right place. Readers have described my books as feel-good reads with characters you'd want as friends and food you'd like to eat.

My debut The Summer Breeze Bed & Breakfast is the first book in a feel-good series about taking chances and starting over. It embraces the role of family, friendships, and food in our everyday lives. I'm finalizing the manuscript and cover design for Book 2, and the ideas for Books 3 & 4 are already brewing in my mind and fighting their way to my laptop.

My latest release The Recipient is a standalone page-turner that adds a little mystery and suspense to the mix. Be forewarned...the unexpected ending has brought many a reader to tears!

I'll be sharing news about my writing, updates on book releases, recipes inspired by my books, free downloads and more on this website. If you'd like the info delivered right to your inbox, be sure to subscribe to my Newsletter!

Wishing you happy reading,


P.S. I always wondered who was reading my I know! Check out some of the photos from my book signing at Barnes & Noble!