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3 Minutes with Jen Telger

Looking for your next read? Want to discover new-to-you authors or learn more about your favorite writers? Join host and bestselling women's fiction author Shail Rajan for fun, fast, and informative chats in her weekly video series 3 Minutes with the Author, featuring interviews and the latest in book news!

In this week's episode, Shail talks with writer and avid people watcher Jen Telger about her approach to writing and the two books in the bestselling Pullman Station series. Having grown up in the small Midwestern town of Winona, MN, Jen developed a keen eye for quirky characters, what makes a town a community, and the incredible things that happen when residents upset the local apple cart. She uses these experiences to invite and immerse you in the nostalgic and quirky town of Pullman Station in her books, What Heals the Heart and Sticks and Stones.

Watch as Jen and I also talk about an affliction common to many writers, the importance of a long drive, and how the setting of a book is just as significant as the characters.

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