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3 Minutes with Rachel Stone

For this week's episode of 3 Minutes with the Author, I sat down with Canadian writer Rachel Stone about her debut release Blue Iris, perfect for fans of bookclub and literary fiction! It's the story of "a group of people whose lives converge at a Toronto flower market where they unearth their deeply rooted secrets and learn to own their hardest truths while discovering the beauty that grows in letting go." Rachel described the book as This is Us x Ted Lasso x The Language of Flowers (the NY Times Bestseller by Vanessa Diffenbaugh), and Kirkus Reviews called it "a captivating read with humour and heart." Watch our conversation as we chat about the "choose your own adventure" aspect of writing, changing POV to overcome writer's block, and the beauty of finding the small town feel in a big city.

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In next week's episode, I'll be talking to Jen Telger about her heartwarming Pullman Station series!


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