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A Bookshop and A Promise (3 Minutes with Janis Wildy)

An inheritance, a bookshop and a promise...the makings of the perfect summer read. And that's just what my guest on this week's episode of 3 Minutes with the Author delivers with her debut novel THE ENGLISH BOOKSHOP. Janis describes her writing as cozy, comfort reads that follow a character going on a life journey. As a self-proclaimed Anglophile, she loves researching gardens, villages, and old English castles. And if you're a Jane Austen fan like me, wait until you hear what she's working on next!

Join Janis and I as we chat about her next project, what she loves about being an author and her writing process. WATCH NOW.


An inheritance, a bookshop and a promise…

Lucy isn’t ready for a life-changing journey when it comes knocking; she just wants to keep everything the same as the day her stepfather died. Unfortunately, expenses have overtaken her small family business, forcing her to do something quickly to keep it afloat.

When Lucy finds out she has inherited a bookshop in England, she travels to see it, intent on selling the property as soon as possible. But once there she meets a wonderfully kind group of villagers, including a handsome bookseller, who challenge her decision to make a quick sale. What begins as a way to make money for her business in Seattle becomes an experience that uncovers family secrets and reveals the kindness of strangers. In England, Lucy just might rewrite her past in order to follow her heart.

Up next, my interview with author Kathryn Dodson!


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