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A burnt dinner and forgotten kids... (3 Minutes with the Author)

Let me be absolutely clear. Paulette Stout must take full responsibility for the fact that I burned our dinner and almost forgot to pick up my kids because I was so lost in her latest release!

What an absolute honor it was for me to have the multi-award winning author as a guest on 3 Minutes with the Author to talk about the third book in her Bold Journeys Series, WHAT EYES CAN'T SEE. This "bold and spicy story of love, social justice, and belonging" is an absolute must read! The fast pace will keep you turning the pages, and the spicy romance will have you...well, let's just say that it'll have you hooked!

Join Paulette and I for our quick chat about her writing and her latest release. WATCH NOW.

Up next, my interview with Southern Women's Fiction author Sheila Athens!


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