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An Unlikely Friendship (3 Minutes with Author Julee Balko)

This week on 3 Minutes with the Author, I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Julee Balko about her new book THE ME LIST. She was a hoot and a holler to talk to, and if I was handing out awards for best answers to the "this or that" section of this interview series, it would go to Julee! Her response to whether she preferred series or standalones was perfect!


The Me List is a touching tale about the complexity of friendship, the importance of reserving judgment, and the rocky path that life takes as we get older. Full of snark and heart as it brings to life an unlikely friendship between neighbors, The Me List asks: can a list change a life?

Join Julee and I for our quick chat about her writing and her latest release. WATCH NOW.

Up next, my interview with Australian author Karen Martin!


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