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Grandma Robbed a Train (3 Minutes with Author Kimberly Nixon)

When author Kimberly Nixon found the conviction papers corroborating the family rumor that her grandmother had robbed a train back in 1930s Tennessee, she knew she had found the perfect subject for her Rock Bottom series. In ROCK BOTTOM RISING, book two in the series, she continues the story of her Grandmother Ruby's road to redemption.

Join Kimberly and I as we talk about her love for the family story, her writing process and her latest release. WATCH NOW.


Ruby has no money, not a single friend, and a shocking 1925 felony conviction for larceny. Though she encounters betrayal, she embarks on a journey to re-enter her children’s lives that will test the core of her being as obstacles chip away at everything but her resilient spirit.

Deceived by men, caught between survival, career opportunities, and providing for her children, Ruby’s enduring love and determination to rise above her mistakes resonates with anyone who has yearned for a second chance. Threads of life in Tennessee during the 1930s and 1940s—the Great Depression, WWII, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and Manhattan projects—add to her odyssey.

Set in rural Tennessee, one woman’s journey from despair to redemption unfolds as a single mother, showing Ruby’s grit in tumultuous times. Based on the true story of the author’s grandmother, this biographical historical fiction novel shows us the enduring power of a mother’s love, personal sacrifice, and difficult choices.

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