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It's Official!

The Summer Breeze: Bed & Breakfast is now officially an audiobook! Woooot wooooot!!! The book was read by the incredibly talented Leslie Gray (@cantastoria78) who infused it with warmth and humor, bringing all the characters to life and making me laugh out loud! Working with her has been an absolute pleasure!

When I was deciding which scene narrators would read during the audition, I picked one that had dialogue between numerous characters and involved a fair amount of hiccupping. Yes, hiccupping. I figured that if I could find a narrator who was willing to hiccup during an audition, I'd have a winner on my hands. Let me tell you, Leslie hiccupped with such reckless abandon, that I knew I had to work with her!

Throughout the audiobook, there were so many times when I had to laugh because of her interpretation of a character's voice (so spot on!) and comedic timing. There was one unexpectedly poignant moment that caught me off guard, though. It was when she read the Broken Hearts chapter. I got choked up hearing how much emotion she poured into Samantha's monologue, it was really quite touching.

I think my favorite part of reviewing the chapters she sent was listening to her vocal warmups and singing - I got treated to snippets of "You Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me" from Aladdin, "The Rhythm is Gonna Get You" by Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine, and more! How lucky am I that a musical theater major auditioned to be the narrator for The Summer Breeze?

If you're interested in checking out The Summer Breeze, click for a FREE audio sample & trial of Audible. The book is also available on Apple Books!


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