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The Beauty in Everything (3 Minutes with Author Kathleen Basi)

Kathleen Basi, my guest on this week's episode of 3 Minutes with the Author, brings together two of her passions, writing and music, in her debut novel

A SONG FOR THE ROAD and reminds us of the importance of finding beauty in everything, even the difficult moments.

To celebrate her debut, Kathleen is also hosting a road trip-themed Giveaway! Sign up for her newsletter HERE to be entered for a chance to win a signed copy of A Song For The Road, 3 other great summer book club reads, Yahtzee car version, Mad Libs book, Adult coloring book, and a Starbucks gift card! Share and tag on socials for extra entries. Entry period June 13, 2024 - July 15, 2024.

Join Kathleen and I as we chat about her writing process and what she's working on next.


It's one year after the death of her husband and twin teenagers, and Miriam Tedesco has lost faith in humanity and herself. When a bouquet of flowers that her husband always sends on their anniversary shows up at her workplace, she completely unravels. With the help of her best friend, she realizes that it's time to pick up the pieces and begin to move on. Step one is not even cleaning out her family's possessions, but just taking inventory starting with her daughter's room. But when she opens her daughter's computer, she stumbles across a program her daughter has created detailing an automated cross-country road trip, for her and her husband to take as soon-to-be empty nesters.

Seeing and hearing the video clips of her kids embedded in the program, Miriam is determined to take this trip for her children. Armed with her husband's guitar, her daughter's cello, and her son's unfinished piano sonata, she embarks on a musical pilgrimage to grieve the family she fears she never loved enough. Along the way she meets a young, pregnant hitchhiker named Dicey, whose boisterous and spunky attitude reminds Miriam of her own daughter.

Tornadoes, impromptu concerts, and an unlikely friendship...whether she's prepared for it or not, Miriam's world is coming back to life. But as she struggles to keep her focus on the reason she set out on this journey, she has to confront the possibility that the best way to honor her family may be to accept the truths she never wanted to face.

Up next, my interview with nurse and author D. Liebhart!


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