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There's a New Agent in Town (aka 3 Minutes with Rayna Flye)

Listen up cozy spy mystery fans, there's a new secret agent in town! Check out the latest episode of my weekly video series 3 Minutes with the Author featuring a fun and lively chat with Rayna Flye, wannabe spy and the author of the newly released Secrets, Lies, and Sneaky Spies!

Rayna, a researcher by day and novelist by night, is a self proclaimed scaredy cat who can't quite keep a secret. But her female main character is a different story! When newly promoted Agent Katrina Foster is sent halfway around the world on her first assignment to find out who killed Sweden's top agent, she uncovers a decade-old political assassination, a murderous mastermind, and a shadowy organization set on global disruption. Full of humor, mystery, romance, and lots and lots of spy stuff, Secrets, Lies, and Sneaky Spies is available everywhere books are sold.

To watch 3 Minutes with the Author, click HERE. If you'd like to get the episodes delivered straight to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter.

Up next, my interview with the multi-award winning author, former English professor, and photojournalist Jeannée Sacken coming January 11, 2024!


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