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"Things Go Wrong," but Not for Jeannée Sacken (3 Minutes with the Author)

Things do go wrong for the main character in the Annie Hawkins Green trilogy, but they've definitely gone right for series author Jeannée Sacken! If you're a fan of suspenseful women's fiction with a twist of thriller and a twist of romance, her multi-award winning books are a must read!

In this latest episode of 3 Minutes with the Author, I was honored to interview the former English Professor (from my hometown of Rochester, NY!) turned full time photojournalist and author about her books Behind the Lens, Double Exposure, and The Rule of Thirds. The trilogy follows the life of Annie Hawkins Green, a photojournalist who, despite being left with PTSD after surviving a traumatic event while covering the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, finds herself returning to the country again and again. The third and final installment in the series, The Rule of Thirds, was most recently honored by the Literary Book Awards as Best Multicultural Fiction, Best Thriller and Adventure, and as the 2023 Book of the Year Fiction. Jeannée's dedication to her craft - she writes for 12-14 hours a day - is both inspiring and humbling.

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Up next, my interview with historical fiction author Diane Byington coming January 18!


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