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What Sits in the Middle (3 Minutes with Author T.L. Brown)

Whether you're already a fan of dark fantasy or you're interested in picking up a new genre, you'll want to check out my fascinating chat with this week's guest on 3 Minutes with the Author, T. L. Brown. Her adult dark fantasy series The Bellerose Witchline - which includes A THIN WITCHLINE BETWEEN LOVE & HATE and CROSSING THE WITCHLINE - explores themes of what sits in the middle between good and evil. The third and final book in the series, Walking a Fine Witchline is due out later this year.

Join Tracy and I as we talk about her creative process and how we can look at characters and their intentions to see how that resonates with us and our perception of others. WATCH NOW.


Lucie Bellerose holds secrets in her heart, fear in her belly, and her Tarot cards close to her chest. She’s a witch among too many men, with too many problems, and one thinning witchline.

A sadistic former teacher who likes to inflict pain? Check. A loyal friend she keeps dragging through hell? Check. A mysterious man who excites her and infuriates her — often in the same 60 seconds? Check. Then there are the expectations of the Congress of Empire Witches, danger lurking behind doors to other worlds, and one psychotic demon who needs to possess her.

And this is only the beginning of Lucie’s problems.

Recommended readers: Adults 18+ years.

 Up next, my interview with award-winning author and podcast host Maggie Smith!


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