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Welcome to The Summer Breeze Bed & Breakfast

Whether you’re new or refreshing your memory, this primer can help guide you through the series.

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Set on the shores of Cayuga Lake, arguably the most picturesque of the famed Finger Lakes of New York State, this beautifully renovated Victorian-era home is just a short drive from a variety of activities. Guests can enjoy everything from hiking trails with stunning natural gorges and waterfalls to the world-class Finger Lakes wineries, the Seneca Springs shopping district, ski slopes, outdoor adventures, and more. 

For guests who prefer a slower pace and more relaxing stay, The Summer Breeze Bed & Breakfast boasts four luxurious suites with in-room dining, an acclaimed restaurant with outdoor seating overlooking the lake, a full-service spa, and a selection of nearby walking trails.

Callie's Story

After years of living in the hustle and bustle of New York City, juggling a demanding career and an even more demanding fiance, Callie Williams knew she needed a change. A surprise visit from her sister Nica was the catalyst that set her on a new journey. Leaving everything - and everyone - behind, Callie made the decision to open her own bed & breakfast.


Buying the old O'Connor home on gut instinct, Callie relocated to Seneca Springs and began navigating the complexities of small town life. She took on the daunting home renovation with a sense of purpose and slowly built a team around her - employees who quickly turned into friends who became more like family. Callie has welcomed her guests with open arms and watched her business thrive.


Within a few short months, Callie added The Terrace restaurant and a full service spa to The Summer Breeze Bed & Breakfast.

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Meet Our Team

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The team at The Summer Breeze Bed & Breakfast is looking forward to welcoming you!

Lynette, the indomitable facilities manager, can handle just about anything. Her dry wit and loyal, hardworking nature have made her indispensable to Callie. Having left Seneca Springs as a young woman, she returned when life threw her a whole bag full of lemons. It was one of best decisions she ever made. Her new life has brought her a job she loves, new friendships she cherishes, and the love of her life.

Dominick (Tiny), the inordinately large son of bakery shop owners Bertha and Hank was a construction worker when Callie first met him. He worked on converting the old garage building on the property into a spa. But it was his culinary panache that made Callie hire him as her head chef. His elevated comfort foods have delighted guests from opening day. 

Kirsten, the flower child turned masseuse turned co-owner of the spa is one of Callie's closest friends. Engaged to her college sweetheart who is completing his medical residency in Seneca Springs, she brings a sense of peace to all around her.

Callie's expectant sister Nica and her husband Jack, the co-hosts of a DIY TV show on home improvement, helped guide Callie through the renovation of The Summer Breeze. Without them and the support of her parents, Callie's dream of owning a B & B may very well still just be a dream.

Callie also considers many of her neighbors and the residents of Seneca Springs to be part of her team, including local grocery store owner Grace, pizza restaurateur Paulina, construction supervisor Mr. Blake, and all around helper and perennial jokester Mr. Blackhawk.

Nick Larrington

While working on the spa renovation, Tiny brings his construction buddy Nick Larrington along to help. And from the first moment Callie lays eyes on him, she can't stand him. She also can't quite manage to keep her eyes off him. His mischievous grin,  tousled hair, and undeniable sex appeal make it difficult for her to keep her head on straight. And he always seems to catch her with food on her face....

As guests and the seasons keep changing, Callie finds herself growing increasingly drawn to Nick even though he remains an illusive stranger to her. A late night delivery threatens to tear them apart, but a quintessential Nor'easter storm may just force them back together.

The question remains: will leaving big city success for small town living bring Callie happiness or heartache?

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