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I chased the dream....

The first copies of my first paperback arrived today...after years of doubting myself and worrying about what people would think, I finally decided to chase the dream and publish my first novel. Will there be haters? Yes. But I'll listen more to the lovers. I will listen to my family and friends who were surprised that I had written a novel but then immediately supportive and encouraging as soon as they heard that I had.

Everyone picks up a book for different reasons. Sometimes I read to learn about different people, places, and times. Sometimes I read for fun. But writing? That I do for the pure pleasure of storytelling. One of my favorite books is The Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle. My college roommate gifted me a beautiful illustrated copy of the book, and one of my favorite lines of all time is from the Preface: "'Tis the land of Fancy, and is of that pleasant kind that, when you tire of it - whisk! - you clap the leaves of this book together and 'tis gone, and you are ready for everyday life, with no harm done." I hope you enjoy reading The Summer Breeze as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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