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It All Started with a Smith Corona Typewriter (3 Minutes with Author Rachel Dacus)

My interview with this week's guest gave me goosebumps! What an absolute pleasure it was to speak with poet and author Rachel Dacus about the trip that inspired her to write time travel novels, who gave her her first Smith Corona Portable typewriter, and her latest release RETURN TO LERICI, the second book in The Invisibles Series.

Join Rachel and I as we talk about her writing process and her latest release. WATCH NOW.


Elinor Greene has been through a divorce, a stalled career, an explosion that nearly killed her. But after all that, life in her cottage in Italy has brought her gifts: a garden where she plants vegetables for the wonderful Tonio’s culinary delights. Seizing her second chance at love, they plan for a small wedding, but family drama decides to descend on them instead.

Elinor’s once-estranged sister, Saffron, is coming with her family to support their mother, Betsy, who is arriving to look for better medical resources in her battle with cancer. It looks like their garden nuptials will have to go on hold.

After a decade of estrangement, the sisters agree to support their ailing mother, and they also want to stop her from her current obsession: searching for their late father’s illegitimate son, adopted away at birth, a lost brother they only know from old adoption papers as “Baby Boy”.

Elinor insists they consider there could be serious risks. What if their half-brother is a thief or a murderer? While the family argues, “Baby Boy” finds them and comes into their midst in disguise as a handyman. Daniel has fled from his crew of scam artists, stealing their money to go to Italy seeking the lost family he knows to be rich.

But his shady past is catching up. His pursuers find him and might harm them all. How can he endanger the family he’s becoming desperate to join?

 Up next, my interview with Joanna Monahan who writes "women's fiction with a Gen X flair."


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