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Why purple?

When I look at all the bookshelves in our house, I see such a variety of colors on the spines of our books. Everything from white to black, red to blue, and yellow to orange. What I don't see often is purple. Some of you have asked who picked the color and design of The Summer Breeze, and why I chose the garden swing to be on the front of it.

I wish I had a dramatic story to share on how this came about, but the answers are actually quite simple. There's one particular moment in the book that stands out as a turning point for Callie in my mind: "Sitting on the garden swing, she felt so peaceful and contented. A soft summer breeze began to blow, warm and fresh. And then suddenly, the idea revealed itself." As for the was my mom's favorite. And when my daughter and I designed the cover, it was the only color we considered.


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